Canadian Firm Partners With Chinese Mobile Payment Giants

Alipay and WeChat Pay sign first-ever licenses in Canada with Motion Pay Technology of Ottawa

November 9, 2016 – Alipay and WeChat Pay – China’s two leading payment-service providers – have come ashore in Canada, with their services now being offered to retailers and businesses across the country.  Today, Motion Pay Technology is pleased to announce that it is the first Canadian company to sign licenses with Alipay and WeChat Pay.

With this agreement, Ottawa-based Motion Pay offers merchants an integrated payment solution that provides a safe and convenient way for Chinese tourists, students and the Canadian Chinese community to access Alipay and WeChat accounts and pay in China RMB funds.


“Motion Pay is an exciting development for businesses across Canada seeking to increase sales,” says Riven Zhang, Motion Pay’s CEO and co-founder. “We offer an easy-to-launch, safe and low-fee service for point-of-sale purchases. These customers know they can securely access their Chinese financial institutions without needing Canadian dollars or foreign exchange fees.”


“It’s a tremendous win-win for everyone.”


Riven Zhang sees the potential scale of these business licenses as unfathomable. Alipay and WeChat are the biggest players in China’s mobile payments market, capturing almost 90% of that market share. Globally, according to iResearch Global Inc., the mobile payments sector has shot up by almost 275% in the second quarter of 2016.


Alipay is operated by Ant Financial Services and is China’s leading online payment-solution provider with over 450 million users, processing 170 million transactions daily. It began as a mobile ‘digital wallet’ for payments and now handles a suite of retail and other transactions for merchants inside and outside China – now including Canada.


WeChat Pay, launched by Tencent Holdings in China, is a mobile-payment services feature incorporated into the ‘wallet’ part of WeChat, the most popular social networking app in China. WeChat is nearing 900 million active users, with at least 300 million of them linking their bank or credit cards to WeChat Pay accounts.


Both powerful Chinese payment services will soon be accessible through the Motion Pay point of sale (POS) sites across Canada.  Consumers will be able to either use mobile devices as a payment option on POS terminals, or pay for goods and services via mobile wallets or payment apps.  Motion Pay’s integrated services using WeChat Pay and Alipay will serve as a key business-development tool for Canadian retailers seeking to ramp-up sales from Chinese consumers.


Motion Pay Technology Inc. is an Ottawa-based firm established in December 2015, set-up to help leverage this market for businesses.  The payment-services provider offers secure, flexible solutions for online and offline payments through retail stores, Internet and mobile phone channels.  Motion Pay provides a high-security smart POS terminal with a backend server platform and system.


Riven Zhang, Motion Pay CEO and co-founder, is an Ottawa businessman.  In addition to Motion Pay, Zhang is the CEO and founder of, established in 2000. The popular web-service provider attracts the largest volume of daily visits among Chinese websites in Canada’s Capital Region.


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Motion Pay Technology 

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