Motion Pay Technology Will Host First Alipay And WeChat Pay Transactions In Canada

February 1, 2017– Motion Pay Technology is scheduled later this month to support the first Alipay and WeChat Pay transactions in Canada at the Birks’ Rideau Centre location in Ottawa. These transactions will mark the very first mobile payments in a Canadian store from accounts held in China, converting Chinese RMB to Canadian dollars.

Birks, Canada’s leading jeweler, and Motion Pay Technology will complete this transaction to launch a pilot program that heralds a new era of mobile payment services for Chinese consumers in Canada. The success of this pilot is expected to pave the way for Canadian businesses to add a secure, popular and low-cost service with Motion Pay’s point of sale (POS) terminals.


Soon to be available in nine of their retailers countrywide, Birks customers will be able to make a purchase by scanning QR codes generated on their mobile devices to direct payment from their Alipay or WeChat Pay wallet accounts. In Canadian retail outlets, Chinese tourists, students and the Canadian Chinese community will be able to safely and conveniently access their Alipay and WeChat Pay accounts in China.


As a renowned Canadian designer, manufacturer and retailer of premier luxury jewelry, Birks is also a leader in this emerging customer service. Birks is the first merchant to accept WeChat Pay in North America, and among the first to accept Alipay in this country.


This is all made possible with the technology developed by Ottawa-based Motion Pay. The Canadian mobile payment service is the first in this country to have signed licenses with Alipay and WeChat Pay. It is also the first Canadian company to provide a fully integrated payment service for Chinese in Canada.


Motion Pay’s CEO and founder, Riven Zhang, explains that the low-fee payment processing is built on the company’s secure and licensed backend server. Motion Pay offers secure and flexible payment solutions across a wide variety of markets through retail stores, internet and mobile channels.


Motion Pay Technology Inc. is Canada’s only mobile payment service that offers access to both Alipay and WeChat Pay. Alipay has about 500 million users and is China’s leading online payment-solution provider. WeChat has hundreds of millions of active users, with at least 300 million of them linking their bank or credit cards to WeChat Pay accounts.


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